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All the news about hair, hairstyles, the latest cutting trends from the salons of top hairdressers. The latest styling techniques, the latest ideas for hair. Trends for long, short spring haircuts allow for extensive customization of styles. Generally speaking, especially for long cuts, a wild and free trend will follow, that is, to show off a rebellious hair and deliberately moved or loose. The long canopies, will be free to express themselves with ease aiming at exaggerated lengths. The novelty of short haircuts, on the other hand, is inspired by the 70s; the short cuts will be minimal and clean, but without giving up that touch of freedom that characterizes this style. The waves and loose hair mostly characterize the exaggerated lengths, which become disheveled and free. Along with loose hair, it is the hairstyles, which have become fundamental, that determine the cuts for this spring. The novelty, it's all for low and disheveled hairstyles, such as a chignon adorned with a row in between, or a practical beach look that can be seductive even in a few moves and without too much care. According to experts and hairdressers, being trendy carrying a long cut means aiming for disheveled waves, full of glossy reflections and without smudges. Maxi lengths and waves without styling characterize, therefore, the long hair that now more than ever can be worn by women of all ages, finding the right size. Opposite trends, but equally interesting, are those concerning short hair. Fashion, comes all from the street-style and gives the image of a modern and contemporary woman. The cuts, in this case, denote a rather minimal look with shaved nuches and light parades, without giving up the waves anyway. We find, for example, among the most beautiful cuts of the moment, the ultra smooth and essential ones; it is a pixie cut that gives rigor and volume at the same time. Beautiful is the short and asymmetrical cut, which mixes tuft and lengths climbed on the sides, perfect just to not give up anything in the hairstyle. Finally, the cut of clear 70s inspiration that points to a modern and chromatic mood is suggestive; the hairstyle remains smooth and disheveled on the sides with a generous tuft that falls on the forehead.

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